Wednesday, January 05, 2011

False friendship

I found today someone that i thought was my friend... This moment  was 
more like what Bob Seger says in his song  Against the 
"I found myself alone surrounded by strangers I thought 
were my friends"

 In this case was only one person and i've found her real 
face just after my birthday's day.
This just happen a few hours ago. 

I've recieved a disguised message about my birthday (day later) it was like a hidden request about  removing an image, my signature of it and if its not to much to could also delete them all because if i google my name the only images google found are the images you took of me and nothing more.
The thing is i want you to delete them so i can get more presence in google through other people..

so wrong! And by the one in this country knows what i know about SEO. Unless not the people i my biz...just a few 
 New year new recycle bin 

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