Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Everybody & Lack of Ethics

 Lets brake apart a model portfolio, but only in terms of photography services.
What do you need to have to make this happen in terms of how the model,agency or rep reach you and get interested in working with you.

Knowledge & Expertise

- Major in Photography: US$ 35.000 (at least)
- Professional Camera: (Present Time: a digital one) : US$ 2.800 (at least) or buy this one for 40G
- SLR Lenses: US$ 1.500 (at least for fashion)
- Lighting Equipment: US$ 15.000 (at least)
- Equipment insurance/year: US$ 3.000
- Desktop Computer: U$S 1.700
- Laptop Computer for on Location Shoot: US$ 1100 (at least)
   Software: Photoshop:   US$ 699
                   Lightoroom: US$ 299
- Website for online presence and promotion: Design US$ 2.000 (at least)
- Telephone/cellphone bill: US$ 50/month
- Online Storage/year:       US$ 500

- If you own your Studio: US$ 300.000 (at least 300 sqm with make up area, dressing room, etc)
- If you rent you Studio:   US$ 300 (per day aprox.)

Assistant: US$ 100 (at least - per working day)
If you rent a Studio:             Total:  US$ 54.039
If You Own a Studio:          Total : US$ 354.039

Now...if we have these expenses (at least) why some people still believe that making an image of someone is something that everybody can do? I think, everybody can press down a button and voilà, but not everybody can understand which is your best side and at the same time manage the light till some point that you look gorgeous.
People call me sometimes telling me "Yeah, I saw your pictures and I love 'em I want to work with you, there's no purpose in having a previous meeting, please book me a day...Can you make it 2 days from now? I'd love to have your perfects shots, but only if the price is cheaper than the photographer next door"
So, I wonder...WTF ??? what is wrong with her/him ? Are they stupid or they're just acting without even know what are they looking for or maybe the do...they're looking for the cheapest price ever to do the greatest image possible. If you can't get them a lower price ( like working for the love of art, but not to make a profit of what you do) they threaten you on going with another photographer. You know...she/he loved my images because she/he didn't listen what my price was...she/he heard the price she/he wanted to hear, but not mine.
By the way, they do not even bother in answer your mail or estimate letter to tell you: "Thank you for your time or thank you for having the time to waste your time making a number that it wasn't the number i had in mind before making the call (...)" You know that's the reality...They call you with a number in their minds, thinking is reasonable number for what you do... (for them not much...just pressing down a button).

That's for why there are a lot of newbies and wannabe who charge prices that you wouldn't believe ( I mean like a 100 bucks or less for photo services, make up, hair and wardrobe, etc) yeah!! they start shooting like +6 or -6 (it can be fixed "later" they say) and they also burn a cd and give away 100 images not fucking knowing a danm thing about copyright, usages ( not only for model portfolios, but thats another story) The newbies are the ones who bought a camera and that playing around with photoshop reached some cool effects ( that they probably downloaded from the net and installed the plugin) because they have no idea, repeat no idea in HOW TO DO IT with the available light not to say using lighting equipment. For me they're not photographers. But they're CHEAP and people want that! People doesn't know what they need. So they look for the price. No professionalism, not pros...not style ...whatever...just make it cheaper!

My prices are not expensive at all, they're pretty cheap too if you have in mind my cost of living and the effort to stay in business.

Some countries need to be RE educated.

Living in Argentina where inflation is the daily currency is almost impossible to estimate but I do... I send an estimate 1st. It'd vary 10% . Then the confirmation. But my problem resides in the expertise of haggle they have. so its not about your style at all..is about the tiny diferences between prices. They love your images but they're not able to pay you what it cost because they truly believe that making and taking a picture is something that everybody can do.

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