Friday, July 03, 2009

Photography is...

Photography is... more than pressing a button.
Photography is... a point of view
Photography is... a private view
Photography is... behind Photoshop and photoshopers
Photography is... light,
Photography is... light control while you're shooting, but not after
Photography is... film & digital
Photography is... art
Photography is... a lifestyle

If you cannot accept it and live for're far from being a real photographer, but a digital geek of image manipulation.


Mery Swanson said...

Queria hacerme seguidora de tu blog, pero no tenes la aplicacion... agregala asi me entero cuando publicas cosas nuevas... muy bueno el blog y muy buenas las fotoooos

Miss Gong said...

There're ppl that are even more than photographers, some of them are good marketers, other are brilliant directors, some others are also digital artists. this is GREAT! Moreover, when you are using a digital camera - face it: you are now digital
ART IS FUN, expression, however you can express yourself, there are no rules ;) Enjoy

tommyspace said...

Yes,I am...but having a digital camera doesnt make you or everyone a photographer. Photography is beyond what type of camera you use.

Miss Gong said...

there's plenty of world out of the photographer's bubble. world has been changing... digital art is to photography now, what photography was to paintings.
now, if you want to hold a sign, a big flag of what you are (absolutely unnecessary, btw) you have to decide on which side you are:
"Digital artists are artists who make digital art using computer graphics software, digital photography technology and computer assisted painting to create art."

tommyspace said...

Why it seems that you're writing here like saying im a digital hater, 'cause im not at all. Im saying what is FOR ME the meaning of photography itself. If you read my post it says " Photography is... film & digital"
Im not saying anything against it.
Photography is what you do BEFORE. Light & shadow control without a computer and not light & shadow on a computer software.
Im not saying Adobe or other software products are bad. You're misunderstanding my post.
I did film photography and I do now film & also digital too.
I do color management on Lightroom and sometimes I do physical manipaulation of images ( lights too) and the results are amazing and I love them too.
Here Im talking about the roots of what I believe photography is for me, nothing ELSE.

Miss Gong said...

Yes, you are right. I am reading between the lines. Let me tell you that you seem to be disqualifying digital artists, line by line, post by post.

Art, lifestyle, private views and points of view are so personal that you cannot distinguish a "digital geek" from a "digital artist" with just your own point of view. Publishing a judgement is a delicate matter.

So what's the point of this entry? Telling (potiential) artists what they should and shouldn't do?
I'd say "hey you, express yourself however you can and however you like it better, from the heart of your heart, stay free of your own reputation, and maybe listen to what other ppl say about your work, but never make a change JUST because of that", but I won't say it. lol

tommyspace said...

ORRHHNNN you're wrong!
Im not disqualifying digital artists, line by line, post by post. that's not true at all.
Everyone today can be a "digital artist", but not a professional photographer. Everybody can press a button and take a photograph but not everybody have the know how of that.
If you don't want a blurry background you should not shoot with a 200mm on 2.8 at 1 meter from the subject ( basic rules) or if if want a shinny border like an aura you should put a light behind it...anyway being a photographer brings you the know how before the post production.

I can publish my personal opinion here in MY BLOG. This is not a democratic blog so WTF? I can write whatever I want and if Im pissing you off, just stop reading me.

This entry has no point maybe for you...but it's something I've thought and I want to write down. What's the big deal on that?

I know you born digital in photography and that's for why you're angry, but im not saying anything that you're understanding're totally wrong.

Im expressing myself and sometimes I have to deal with obnoxious readers who are just passing by and they read whatever they want. You said "i've been reading between lines", but you weren't even reading what I wrote. you were just mad about whatever I've to say about digital and that's not the point of my blog.

I don't want to sound rude, but as far as I know you're a self schooled student of photography and maybe for you is more important to know how to create layers, masks and shapes than knowing the principles of photography. Im sure everytime you shoot you have to take a look of the LCD panel in the back of your camera to look the resultant picture or in a very very low light situation you use a the higher ISO (let say 3200 or more in today's Nikon products) instead of using a tripod, lower ISO, etc to reduce the noise. That's OK for me and if you do that and care or not what im saying it doesn't matter for me. Because I don't care what you do with your craft whatever the name is, because in my opinion that's not a "I know what im doing" but a trial/error and that's fine too because there are many many ways to learn its OK with me.
The common expression today is "i'll fix it in photoshop" the thing is some people know how to fix it in location and that's what im saying here.
Also YES you can go beyond everything using photoshop and I've already said that PShop is fucking awesome and i love the things you can do with it too. Im good in photoshop too because is a great tool.
When im shooting im not thinking in what im going to "fix" in the post.

Emm's said...

This is so true, I truely love your blog.
I'm not the kind of person that sits and reads everything written but here I'm pretty amazed you put so many useful details! keep up the good work!!

-aspiring photographer