Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Digital Era -Self-Schooled Photographers

A photographer who is homeschooling himself typically spends a lot of time pursuing all the information related with basic to advance techniques. And of course they have a religion name Shoot, shoot, shoot everything around.

These people shoot a LOT!
They try to recreate some techniques they've seen, or to create a technique to express an image that's in their minds.
The good thing about teaching yourself is that you make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are the greatest thing because thru them you're able to discover something cool that you weren't trying to acomplish. Better than what you were trying to acomplish a goal.
I've heard somewhere that a good photographer is not one who doesn't make mistakes. he's someone who can REPEAT his mistakes (over and over).

If you're not incredibly motivated, or if you're not 100% confident about your vision, you can fizzle out. While any method of learning photography requires strong motivation, the lone wolves among us need to especially self-reliant in this regard.

Finding a mentor, someone who is established in the bizand is willing to show you his/her experience and help you to build your style, sharp your vision and network to find clients, is a fantastic way to jump start your carreer.

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