Monday, December 15, 2008

Assignment Photography - Basics ll

STEP BY STEP (Chapter lll)

"If someone calls with a question about a usage and they want to know how much it would be for a one year, two year usage, with or without a web usage, I will make up an estimate that reflects all of their different options. They will need to sign off on the prices for these options. This prevents trouble in the future."

How will the photographs be used? What is the scope of the usage?
Where will they be published?
What size, circulation, press run, duration will be needed?
Do they need world rights?
Will they be used in trade or consumer advertisements?
Will they be used in internally produced publications?
Are the photos for the client's archives only?
Will other people have the use of these photos?
Will they require reprints?
Will the images be scanned into your client's archive for future use?

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