Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How is Digital Capture Beneficial?

Digital capture allows for a more immediate experience of the work being produced. Simply put, "digital capture" is the digital equivilent of "shooting film". Previously, we shot polaroids, for client review and approval. Polaroids had significant limitations. Color, brightness, shadow detail, and the small size meant that Polaroids were not the optimal method for previewing just how an image will look, but until digital came along, they were the only game in town.
With this leap forward comes a significant expense on our part. From digital workstations, cameras and digital camera backs, to specialized software, and new archiving systems that must be integrated alongside our existing systems.

Digital Workflow Benefits

Turnaround times: For film, our normal turnaround time is 2 business days. For digital work, this delay can be reduced. For images which require no post-production work, and where we have a digital workstation on site at the shoot location, images can be delivered immediately, before we leave the site. For images which require post-production work, our turnaround is 48 hours. As each shoot has different characteristics, we'll discuss with you anticipated delivery times, as well as any revisions to that as the shoot progresses and client needs change.
Eliminating Liability: When we produce film, it cannot be duplicated exactly as it is on the original film, and when irreplacable film is damaged or destroyed, the lost/damaged film charges can be very high. With digital, once the images are written to the CD we deliver to you, and our two archival CD's, the liability that normally is a part of the reciept and handling of original film is eliminated.
Distributed Image Review: In some cases, our immediate client is an art director or advertising agency, who is working to facilitate the needs of a corporate client, and with different parties being in disparate locations, the ability to simultaneously review and make decisions can be difficult. However, we can provide a solution using the internet. Depending upon circumstances, we can produce and deliver a virtual "contact sheet" on site for clients elsewhere in the country to review, or within a few days or completion. Please ask for more information on these possibilities prior to the shoot commencing.

Digital Workflow Costs

We've made a significant investment in the process of digital production. As indicated in the introduction, we are not replacing our film-producing capability, we are investing in the parallel cabability of digital production. In addition to the costs of new cameras, powerful computers, and state-of-the-art software suites, there has been an enormous amount of time involved in the learning curve for our office as we evolve with the times.
In addition, we have developed a specialized and redundant archiving system for the files we produce, and this undertaking has been an enormous task.

*Extract from John Harrington photography. This article the is one of the best articles I ve ever read about digital benefits. And it should be read & understood by everybody who think digital capture should be cheaper than film capture.

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